Comfort and sustainability in a modern shopping center

The Nicosia Mall is the newest and biggest shopping center in Cyprus. The 110,000 sq.m. building has 140 stores, hosting a variety of world’s leading brands, food halls and parking for 1,750 cars. It also features a large hypermarket, entertainment offering and an open-air plaza with a far-reaching view of the area. Designed as a shopping and leisure center for all ages, it has been built completely barrier-free for maximum convenience.

In perfect harmony with surroundings, the mall’s architecture blends innovation and technology with respect for environmental. Even the HVAC system has been designed to combine maximum comfort and sustainability.

It is based on Climaveneta branded units: 2 i-FX/CA/S 6303 air cooled chillers with inverter screw compressor, 2 ERACS2-Q/LN-CA/S 2722 air source INTEGRA units, 8 WTA packaged heat recovering heat pump fresh air roof top units and 1 i-AXO 18 close control unit for the server room of the mall. The combination of inverter i -FX Chillers with the simultaneous production of heating and cooling for zero energy waste of the selected ERACS2-Q units, backed by a high efficiency WTA fresh air conditioning packaged units makes the Nicosia Mall HVAC system is a perfect example of sustainable comfort.