About us

What we do?

The Group is focusing to the execution of medium to large mechanical projects by offering products and services of very high reliability & quality. The company is fulfilling its contractual  obligations by considering the needs of our customers,  our internal & external stakeholders  and  respects  the need to protect the environment and  to contribute to the energy saving for a greener and  sustainable future.

  •  INSTALLATION & MECHANICAL CONTRACTING: We undertake the  execution of  Mechanical Engineering  Services – Air Conditioning, Heating , Ventilation, Fire Fighting, Drainage Plumbing etc – all over Cyprus.
  • MAINTENANCE & AFTER SALE SUPPORT:   We offer engineering after sale support to HVAC systems and  equipment  placed in the market. We offer on annual contract basis preventive and corrective maintenance to all completed Projects.
  • VERTICAL GEOTHERMAL EXCHANGERS  :  We are professional geothermal drillers.We have  placed down to Earth more than 500 vertical geothermal  probes of more than 50 kms in Length. With our specialized digging and grouting equipment, we can  construct  geothermal exchangers all over Cyprus with high thermal transmittance.
  • AIR DUCTING & SHEETMETAL CONTRACTOR: A very efficient fabrication unit in metal sheet processing can supply and install air ducts for Air Conditioning & Ventilation to all HVAC professionals.

Who we are?

C&H Heatflow Mechanical Contractors Ltd founded in 1989 by two Engineers; Zacharias Hadjigeorgiou & Nicos Constantinou. Since then, it has grown into a leading engineering group  –  HeatFlow – offering diverse portfolio of products and services focusing to the mechanical engineering contracting of environmental services for comfortable living.

Other  group companies:
 Z&K Heatflow Services Ltd has been established in 1994 to provide specialized after sale support to the projects or/and  air conditioning equipment placed in the market and to facilitate  the start up and commissioning of the the projects completed by our contracting firm.

Thermeco Enterprises Ltd has been established in 1992  to fill in the gap in supplying the market  with quality HVAC  technological products at an acceptable price level.  We are exclusive distributors for  Mitsubishi Electric Hydronic & Precision Air Conditioning Systems – manufacturers of Heat Pumps & Chillers, AHUs, Roof top packages, Data centre equipment etc and for Sabianna – manufacturers of Hydronic  FCUs etc.

A.Z. Geodrillers Ltd is partnership company, established in 2010 to exploit the booming market of the geothermal field. The company is equipped with specialized drilling rig  and ancillary equipment  aiming to offer professional engineering service in the construction of vertical geo-heat-exchangers.  The company  has acquired knowhow from USA when  Mr. Hadjigeorgiou became IGSHPA accredited geothermal Installer.

P.S. Air Ducting Ltd is a subsidiary company  and it has been established in 2018 as a partnership  between professional duct fabricators and  HeatFlow Ltd  targeting to offer to the market quality air ducts  at reasonable prices and to  exploit the synergy of activities and  to support competitiveness.








Heat-Flow is committed to provide a safe working environment to all of  its employees and  to deliver to the customers the highest  agreed quality product and services in a timely and a professional manner.
Our vision is to set new standards in our industry; to deliver quality projects and services within budget and time constraints in an efficient way that no competitor can copy.


Organizational Excellence: We meet our mission by aiming to organizational excellence, by optimizing our activities, by updating our production methods and by adopting the latest project management practices.

Staff Development: We are investing on our staff’s development acknowledging that our human asset is the main pillar of our success.

Customer Satisfaction: Our Customers are a valuable asset to us and we would like to see them coming back appreciating our effort to satisfy their needs and to offer exceptional value for their money

ISO Quality System

To demonstrate to its customers and to its staff, the commitment of the management to quality, Heat Flow is maintaining registration CYS ISO 9001::2015 as a company of assessed quality capability meeting the requirements of the international quality system ISO 9001:2015 for the contracting and maintenance of the mechanical engineering work


 Health & Safety System

To demonstrate its commitment  in taking all the necessary measures for a safe occupational environment , Heat Flow is maintaining   registration in the occupational health and safety management system OHSAS 18001:2007 No. OH.04.003.


 Human Resources Development

 Heat-Flow  is investing  on the training and knowledge growth of its human asset by participating in seminars  and courses relevant to the Health & Safety, to the acquirement of  technical skills  or for technical certification.



Professional Organizations

Heatflow, for the advancement of the field,  is participating actively  in  professional  bodies such the Mechanical  & Electrical Contractors Association of Cyprus.

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