The Energy Saver

A-Z Save Energy Ltd introduces to the market “The Energy Saver”, a High Efficiency Miniature Geothermal Heat pump DHW heater system. The system pumps thermal energy from the volume of water in the cold water tank and stores it in the form of high temperature into the hot water buffer tank of the system.

Each unit is a stand-alone system which does not require any special skills for its installation and its operation. Once, it has been immersed inside the cold water storage tank, it requires only connection of a cold water inlet, the hot water outlet, and direct connection to electric power supply.  The Energy Saver can start saving you money immediately. The first version has been designed to fit onto the access cap of the PE water storage tank but other versions are under development to match special requirement of specific national standards.

The system requires minimal maintenance and it is highly reliable as it has only one moving part, a high-temperature rotary compressor.

Technical Details:

• Family Series: The energy saver

• Model: ES-500 DHW

• DHW buffer tank: 42 Lt

• Refrigerant: R-134A

• SCOP: >5*

• Power Consumption: 500Watts

• Power Supply: 230/1/50

• Water connections: 2xDN22 copper ends

• Instantaneous DHW Production: 1L/Min with EWT=15 0C & LWT=42 0C

• Hydraulic operation pressure: 6 Bars

• Ideal for 2-4 member families.

*The COP varies according to the tank water temperatures

Operation & Temperature Control System

The system is being equipped with an elegant DDC Controller with LCD display on blue colour background.
The same controller can be installed remotely inside the house.

The controller features:

• Tank water temperature 

• Adjustable tank water temperature set point 38-600C

• Real time clock

• Weekly programmer with 2 time bands per day

• Manual override switch

• Domestic hot water recirculating pump management 

• Compressor time delay

Information & Sales

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